Niche Directory Platform, LLC

Bridging the gap between small businesses and the internet
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States United States
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Company description

Niche Directory Platform (NDP) bridges an ever increasing gap created by the shift online for customers seeking information about a business or service that was once provided offline by the Yellow Pages. NDP services industries that have a high profit margin per sale in non-technical, traditionally fragmented industries that require face-to-face interaction. NDP’s’ first success with has proven the viability of our model in being cash-flow positive with year over year growth rates in excess of 603%. now controls more than 11% of internet traffic in the $15 Billion Funeral Industry.

 There are more than 16M Small to Medium Sized businesses (SMBs) that are either aware, or quickly becoming aware, of the tremendous potential of advertising on the internet. However, internet advertising for SMB’s is inefficient and often unprofitable. Efficient search engine marketing relies heavily on data analytics and the economies of scale derived from the ability to advertise nationally and drive that traffic through a single web destination. Online advertising is neither readily accessible nor understandable for a large percentage of the population of many non-technical industries.

NDP provides a simple, non-technical solution for advertisers similar to the Yellow Pages with the added benefit of tangible Return on Investment (ROI). NDP has developed a scalable platform that provides rich content and relevant information to our Industry Specific Directories. Our platform leverages generic domain names which have been proven infinitely more cost-effective for Branding than a non-generic domain names like or The Layers of the Platform include:


Call Tracking

Lead Management

Data Analytics



Job Listings

The aggregation of these layers provides NDP the ability to gain premier organic rankings in search engines which, in turn, deliver a large volume of traffic at no direct cost to our directory that we then drive/push to our advertisers.

Business model

NDP will identify opportunities based on market data, domain name availability, competition within the market, and various other factors to determine target industries in which to develop directories. Once a target market is identified, NDP will negotiate the purchase of a category controlling domain name. Over the last few years we have seen a decline in parking revenues and, therefore, domain names by as much as 30%, thereby creating a tremendous opportunity to acquire these assets at an already undervalued multiple. NDP expects to negotiate below market prices of domain names through our in depth knowledge of the domain name industry; gathered industry statistics and limitless number of contacts within the industry. Upon securing a category controlling domain name, NDP will apply its Platform technology to the domain name and aggressively grow each into self sustainable businesses.

NDP expects to replicate the initial success of by penetrating historically slow technology-adopting markets. Management has profitable industries with high revenues per customer, a face to face meeting requirement, and limited online presence as targets. Businesses in these industries view our directories as a viable alternative to traditional print, broadcast and other forms of advertising as we provide a higher Return on Investment (“ROI”). The shift from conventional media sources to online media is reflected by tracing the trend of decreasing advertising dollars spent on conventional media over the last few years. This trend creates a tremendous opportunity for NDP’s directories.

 We expect to develop industry specific directories in these industries:

Rental property


Legal (Specialized)

Elective Surgery

Auto Repair/Services

Medical (Non-invasive)

Moving & Storage

NDP feels these markets are underserved and our directory model meets the needs of hundreds of thousands of consumers that go online everyday searching for businesses in these markets. Our search engine optimization, sponsored industry links, top rankings and the user friendliness of our directories make NDP’s business strategy the perfect match for both advertisers and consumers. NDP has identified domain names available for purchase and/or partnership in these industries and will continue to expand and explore other industries where our directory model will be a success.
Competitive advantage

NDP believes it has a competitive advantage over the highly fragmented national directory market because of:
-Category Controlling Domain Name Access
-Platform – 2.5 Years and $2.3M in Development
-SEO Market Dominance in < 6 Months
-Proprietary Sales Model and Experienced Team
-Tangible/Verifiable ROI
-Advanced Data Analytics