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Company description

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NextUser is a Marketing Automation and Analytics platform for B2C websites that help marketing tools to work in harmony and increase engagement, conversion and lifetime value.


Business Description

NextUser bridges the gap between Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management; providing the next generation analytics and marketing platform that improves the on-line customer experience and maximizes conversion and lifetime value.

By bringing together individual solutions (CMS, email, advertising, etc.), NextUser leverages sophisticated user profiling and dynamic workflows, empowering marketers to deliver automated multichannel user experiences that are timely and relevant, without technical resources.



NextUser tackles the universal marketer's challenges around user engagement, data management and campaign execution. Historically, companies have relied on individual solutions to affect holistic customer behavior.

By enabling them to work in concert, marketers can deliver messages to the right audience at the right time. Our technology goes a step further, allowing marketers to contextually adapt customer experiences based on key drivers: user behavior, KPIs, engagement, location, device, etc.



Marketers are challenged with the following aspects:

  1. User data is silo’d across disparate internal/external systems.
  2. Data isn’t connected to channels to deliver comprehensive marketing messages across all user touch points.
  3. Campaigns take time and resources to deploy, impacting their time to market and often missing key maket opportunities.



We solve the Universal Marketer’s challenge: data management, user engagement and campaign execution:

  1. We pull & aggregate user data from our tracker and all relevant sources: internal database, CRM, Email, Social Media, etc.
  2. We create & maintain individual user profiles for anonymous and identified traffic across all touch points.
  3. We enable marketers to establish user scenarios or workflows at scale without technology resources.











Awards and Mentions
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    XTC is an innovation competition to turn your billion dollar idea into a billion dollar business by pitching at CES in Las Vegas and to Sir Richard Branson in Necker Island.
  • 15672_2762
    Techweek Los Angeles is the greatest technology conference and festival in Southern California.
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    Vator Splash Oakland is Vator's premier startup event and competition.
  • Business model

    SaaS subscription model

    We charge as a monthly and/or annual recurring billing fee. Our pricing is determined by two components:

    1. Data Management - number of calls collected by our infrastructure
    2. Degree and complexity of third-party data integrations.

    NextUser currently targets profitable / mature companies with an eCommerce, Web Application or Subscription websites ($20MM+ of sales/year). Their current communication channels (Email, Website, Customer Support) are reactive, sending non-targeted content in an automated way to everyone. Nextuser is at the convergence of two markets: Business Intelligence & CRM. Gartner estimated our Data Discovery sub-segment at $1.1B in 2013 growing to 1.8B by 2015 and the Marketing Automation sub-segment reached $3.1B in 2012 which is the largest growth area in CRM. 


    Sales channels

    Our sales channels are:

    1. Direct Sales
    2. Reseller Partners (PRM / CRM / Marketing Agencies) using a white label approach
    3. Marketplaces to reach incremental “lower touch” SMB market, integrating with Email Service Providers (Mailchimp, Sendgrid…) and API / vendor specific ecosystems:,,,
    Competitive advantage


    Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with years of real world experience around their key areas of expertise – spanning across global organizations and start-ups.  NextUser is built by technology experts who have previously supported start-up company funding and acquisition (CEO & CTO), and also are Founder Institute graduates (CEO & Lead Developer). In addition, our VP of Business Development brings a successful track record spanning 20 years of revenue generating roles at Arc Worldwide, EarthLink, Visa USA, and most recently, 


    Proprietary technology

    Our proprietary technology includes the Customer Data Platform (CDP) that maintains user profiles, feeding the Decision Engine to build scenarios/communication cycles and execute interactions at scale. The CDP collects historical behavior and aggregates all the situational data comprised of current time and location, device, entry point, touch point, clickstream, demographics, weather, etc. The Decision Engine is the core component for contextualizing the user experience for end-to-end users.


    Market traction

    We are proud to announce we have recently executed contracts with 4 large enterprise customers.  Equally, if not more important, these new customers either already had an existing marketing automation solution in place, or were actively sourcing new solutions, and in all instances we were able to beat out the set of current industry leading providers with NextUser.



    Our advisors represent some of the most senior voices in the Big Data, Web Analytics, Subscription and Mobile industries: John Marshall, who founded ClickTracks, which was acquired by Lyris. He also was founder/CTO of MarketMotive, partnering with Avinash Kaushik, to help companies get the maximum from their online marketing; Phyllis Davidson, responsible for Big Data and Analytics Product Marketing at Oracle; Will Bunker, the founder of (now known as and Benoit Bergeret, GM Devices of CarrierIQ, providing big data analytics to Mobile carriers, and founder of 2 Mobile startups (Qipit / Realeyes3D).

    Matthieu Dejardins
    Matthieu Dejardins has nearly 15 years of experience in the e-commerce and technology industry. Global entrepreneur who worked in 5 different countries for Fortune 500 (DELL, Seagate, Sanofi/Aventis, Amex), High Tech SMBs & start-ups.
    Kima Ventures - Unconfirmed
    The Kima Ventures fund was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Kima’s goal is to support and finance innovative companies with seed capital all over the world.  
    Invest Along Side of Experienced Business Founders.  We Invest in Early Stage Companies with Revenue. Then, we “Coach Them Up” to Prepare for Future Growth and  Additional Rounds of Funding.We fill a gap in the private equity...
    Edmon Moren
    I have spent most of my professional career working in web analytics as well as product management positions as a consultant or for SMBs. I am a very experienced traveler and my new passion is taking online courses.