The (r)evolution of Work.
Santa Cruz, California, United States United States
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Company description

NextSpace is the workplace for the new economy, with locations in downtown Santa Cruz and downtown San Francisco.  They focus on bringing together entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent consultants, university resources, and investors into a collaborative, innovative community.  Nearly 250 people work out of NextSpace’s two locations, including freelancers, startup companies, and entrepreneurs.  These startups and freelancers run the gamut from social media companies like, iPhone app development companies like Streetview Labs, software companies like Intuvo, and a range of independent software engineers, designers, web developers, and other professionals.


Business model

Memberships are sold to freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. They can purchase space in a shared office enviorenment, a permanent workstation, or office space.  

Competitive advantage

The NextSpace Effect is part of the magic of NextSpace, and relates to the organic benefit of working around and alongside other talented, motivated freelancers and professionals. Highly motivated freelancers and independent professionals with diverse skill sets work in an open, shared environment, helping one another and creating new business opportunities they wouldn't otherwise find.  A good example of the NextSpace effect took place with RallyUp, a company of 9 different people in 4 different industries, working NextSpace Santa Cruz.  They collaborated on Rally Up, formed a company together, and experienced a successful exit to AOL.