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NextMedium has built the definitive brand integration marketplace for marketers and entertainment content providers. Our solution, EmbedTM, is the world's first full-service management system enabling the cost-effective buying, selling and measuring of brand integration in entertainment content.

As disruptive technologies such as TiVo make consumers harder to reach through traditional ads, both the entertainment and advertising industries are discovering the tremendous power of contextually relevant brand integration as a way to connect with consumers.

A growing body of research demonstrates that brands woven seamlessly into entertainment - TV, film, music, video games, etc. - have an enormously positive effect on brand recall, feeling and purchase intent. For content providers, brand integration represents substantial incremental revenue from inventory already naturally populating their content.

Brand integration works.

But lack of a centralized, scalable solution to buy and sell brand integration - particularly smaller opportunities such as dialogue mentions and background placements - has historically made this powerful marketing tactic cost-prohibitive for both marketers and content providers to fully tap.

NextMedium's platform solves this problem. Working in collaboration with industry leaders such as Nielsen Media Research, NextMedium has developed a solution that taps the full spectrum of integration opportunities and makes brand integration a standardized and measurable ad unit. We have taken this historically time-consuming and inexact promotional strategy and developed a streamlined, science-based system to harness brand integration's tremendous value for entertainment content providers, marketers and audiences.