Location: 8070 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States United States
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
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Silver Spring, Maryland, United States United States

Nexercise is a free mobile game that rewards users with virtual medals, coupons, and free merchandise for being active. The app can be used with ANY physical activity such as walking your dog, cycling and even weightlifting. In the game you earn points and medals that qualify you to win real prizes.

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Nexercise uses proprietary, trade secret algorithms on smartphone sensor data to prove that users really did physical activity.  But what makes it really fun is the game’s patent pending mechanics that leverage 10 key psychological drivers to make you want to be active longer and more consistently.  Who wouldn’t want to get bonus points for jogging with a friend, taking a spinning class, or getting your butt into the gym on a rainy day?  These technologies have significant value that could be applied to other public & private sector domain initiatives (e.g. worker productivity, automated field agent event tracking, smoking cessation, etc).