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Company description

NewzSocial (dba Newzstand) offers platforms and application solutions for social news curation and business content marketing. The first product is a consumer iPad App: A Social Curation News Magazine. The company plans support for additional mobile and web devices. The business suite of products includes a news hub for businesses to collect, organize and distribute information; integration with corporate social networks and connections into social media marketing.

Product Description:

The NewzSocial iPad App is a socially curated news reader where users can follow and create broad and niche news streams based on their topics of interest. Users can share and curate these customized news streams called channels, broadly or selectively across the user’s social network.  The premise is that users can tap into their network of ‘topic expert’ friends and get the news they want selected by the experts they trust.  Think Facebook/Pinterest for news channels, instead of one article or one post at a time.


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Business model

NewzSocial is the first in a series of products being developed by Newzstand. NewzSocial is a free consumer product that will be a platform on which paid business services will be offered.  Some of these services for businesses include a web widget for curated channels of news, an automated twitter service of selected news topics, and a private network solution for sharing channels of news and curated articles. 

Competitive advantage

The following demo shows the competitive advantage of NewzSocial vis a viz other products:

Anand Jagannathan
Anand is a 5 time serial entrepreneur. His first company was Banyan Systems (IPO 1991 - BNYN), then Reach Software, then Responsys (IPO 2011 - MKTG), then iStorez (sold to TheFind) and now NewzSocial.