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Smart recruiting software simplifies hiring
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Company description
 We build smart recruiting software that simplifies hiring.
Recruiting software doesn’t need to be complicated. We designed Newton to be the easiest-to-use, most thoughtful applicant tracking software available.

Newton’s #1 feature is ease-of-use. Only with Newton will you be completely up and running in hours, set-up in minutes, and will launch your careers website and import your resumes the same day - for free. Staffing users get started with little more than a 30 min. introductory walk-through. Training the rest of your company takes less than 10 minutes. Green means Go! Red is no. 

Just because it’s easy–to-use doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Newton gives you the most powerful real-time recruiting performance features you can find. Monitor all of your jobs with stage-to-stage analysis, track your best sources of applicants and continuously improve your hiring efforts with one interactive dashboard. 

Our business model lets us offer Newton at prices everyone can afford. Tiered pricing with no limits on most users, no annual maintenance, no long-term contracts means Newton is a – no brainer! Activation is free and easy, you’ll have a careers site up in less than 24 hours. We’ll even import up to 10,000 of your existing resumes for free. 
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Business model

Some may call our business model a ramen profitability model others refer to it as a hybrid freemium. The fact is, we have a complete product that we are selling, we keep our costs down so we can pass those savings on to our customers.  

 Newton is delivered as a service (SaaS)

We are what most would consider a lean startup, self-funded, product focused, and dedicated to providing great customer service too.

Most importantly, we believe the way that may SaaS products are priced and sold is nonsense.  

Rather than charging on a per-seat basis, we offer tiered pricing with no limits on most users, no annual maintenance, no long-term contracts and activation is free and easy, We even import up to 10,000 of your existing resumes for free. 


Competitive advantage

We build a enterprise class rich internet application that manages and optimizes the critical business process of hiring.



1. Our product designers are recruiting industry veterans.  And, our UI designers are not typical enterprise UI people.  We blend these unique people to create the most intuitive, easiest-to-use recruiting software available. The result is a 98% adoption rate among all users.


2.  Because it's easy-to-use, Newton is easy to activate and requires very little configuration to get started. This reduces complexity and risks associated with long role out cycles.  And, because Newton is a system, not a tool kit, it works from day one.

3. Easy-to-use, easy to activate means Newton requires very little training to get started.  You can started seeing ROI in days not years.