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The system


NEWconomy is an online controlled independent economy that is free of debt and will be always free of debt in the future. This is just possible if the income of the system is permanent bigger than the outcome. NEWconomy has different tools to reach this goal.


How it works


Every person, every company and the government has one account with one number. This account can be used to put value, not just money but every kind of value, into the system. This value will be converted into the systems currency and can be used to make investments and acquisitions. This investments and acquisitions can be made fast and cheap while they are made inside of NEWconomy. The value will be adapted with a toll or penalty if they are made outside of NEWconomy. National and international trade are also controlled by the system.

NEWconomy is protected at all times and can never enter into negative territory. Value can be added for example in any form of activity that makes sense and helps the population succeed.

A person, a company or the government can post a project with its account number. The project does not have any value until others give money, manpower or any other kind of help to make the project succeed. At this moment the project receives a certain value and the value-givers receive a participation in the project. All created value will be reflected into their respective accounts. The participation in any project can be sold at any time to others if the holder finds a buyer. A specially created exchange for participations is part of the NEWconomy-system. The value of a project can go up and down and depends of the evolution of the project.

The advantage of having an “open project offering platform” and a “participation exchange” is that projects can be financed and realized in record time. Also small projects have a chance.

Everybody is able to participate and help out in everything. This brings groups with same interests and knowledge together to prosper in their respective fields.


Another specially created “exchange for exclusive rights” is also a part of the NEWconomy-system.

While the “open project offering platform” is the booster for projects, is the “product offering platform” the booster for products.

Probably most of us have to learn what an exclusive right is and how it works, but when we start to see its benefits and possibilities we will love it. An exclusive right adds a lot of value to a product. It attracts financing and manpower, and helps to open new sales channels and new distribution areas worldwide. An exclusive right can be issued on any product or service and is the tool for an easy, fast and unlimited market expansion. Most products have much more market potential that is not utilized actually. NEWconomy exploits its real maximum potential.


The “open project offering platform” and the “product offering platform” make it possible that any kind of value created by a person, a company or the government, can be entered into the system. This value will be recognized by the community. It can be high or low depending on its utility. The value is reflected by the systems currency. Its currency can be used online or with a special debit card. The debit card will just be accepted by other system users. That will assure a high initial user rate because who wants to stay in business has got to open an account.


Initially the system is overall a national steered economy. While international trade is already included, it can be expanded to other nations in a near future. NEWconomy classifies different value-zones that protect each countries economy. This is the only way to make the system work in a worldwide market environment where climate zones and interests are so different.


Advantages of using NEWconomy


The system has been created avoiding the mistakes of the past that have led to the actual worldwide crisis. It is the result of a “cause and effect” research program and will maintain the globalization process to proceed. It will create thousands of new jobs directly and hundred thousands or even millions of new jobs indirectly, thanks to its value-creation philosophy.

People does not necessarily have to search for a company that offers them a job. They can look for a project that they are interested in and start to help realizing the project with their knowledge, manpower or money.

Or they start their own project and count on others to help them out with their endeavor.

Remember that all are paid in accordance of the value they have added to the project.


More advantages of having NEWconomy are that the system is totally controllable. Taxes can be cashed in instantly, black money can enter the system...yes, but just once. Than it will stay inside the system as white money and can be invested in projects or products. There is no doubt that we are dependent on black money to maintain our present economy. That means that we can not leave it outside of our new economical system. But it also means that there can not be created more black money in the future. NEWconomy converts it into a useful value and then it disappears while we switch from the actual economy to the new economy.

It can be introduced instantly as a parallel economy and does not interfere in no way with the present economy.


NEWconomy stimulates people to realize their ideas/projects and helps them to convert them into additional value.


Further it is connectable to all social networks and,

-It acts as a guarantee for families that have lost their home, helping them to recover a home.

It does not make sense to have hundred thousands of empty houses on one side and hundred thousands of homeless families on the other side, due to a simply system failure. This system failure is called excessive debt.

NEWconomy´s system does not allow any kind of dept but reflects all kind of values, even personal values like for example artistically values. This value can be converted into a guarantee to buy or to rent a home if the user puts enough value into the system, and


-It has a proper health care system for all its users. The trick is that a person´s health can be seen as a project. Doctors and hospitals can join the “project” and maintain the person healthy. They are rewarded to do so with a small monthly fixed amount. The person is free to accept and to change doctors and hospitals whenever he wants to.


Finally we can see the NEWconomy-system as a serious alternative for our outdated economy. It will help us to let the enduring crisis behind and open the way into a healthy new economy that disallows the creation of poverty, offering advantages for everybody.