Kin Health

Hybrid online and in-home autism therapy provider
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

We are building a hybrid online and in-home autism care provider for children (ABA therapy) and their families (wraparound support). Skyrocketing ASD prevalence, insurance coverage mandates, telehealth reimbursement, market fragmentation, and acute lack of access create a significant opportunity in 2020.

We use technology to deliver unprecedented patient access and family experience. Telemedicine (telesupervision) massively expands our geographic reach, while software streamlines the data-driven BCBA/RBT workflow. Families receive direct services from the comfort of their home, and access live online parent training, provider messaging, care navigation, and social support from anywhere.

We directly market to parents as a consumer brand, and bill insurance for this high LTV therapy ($30,000+).

Starting with ABA therapy, the standard of care and most costly and complex treatment, we'll become the hybrid digital/physical behavioral health home for ASD children and their families by extending into speech therapy, parent counseling, child psychiatry, and medication management.