A scalable care management solution for measurement-based behavioral health in all care settings
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Company description

NeuroFlow is a healthcare technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement across the continuum of care. Combining validated techniques, evidence-based protocols, data science, and behavioral economics, NeuroFlow allows hundreds of clinics, health systems, and providers to objectively assess, track, and engage patients using evidence-based practices to support and improve their behavioral health. NeuroFlow’s suite of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools simplifies remote patient monitoring and behavioral health integration in all care settings in order to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and cost of care. With NeuroFlow, care providers can finally bridge the gap between behavioral and physical health and help their patients feel better, faster.








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Business model

NeuroFlow leverages a SaaS business model that charges our customers on a per patient basis with tiered pricing levels based on the number of patients.

Competitive advantage

What sets NeuroFlow apart from others is our end to end care management solution. This allows for behavioral integration and measurement-based care at scale in both physical and population health settings. Our attention and focus on member engagement stem from a combination of gamification, behavioral economics, and award-winning design. Further, while we include mindfulness-based stress reduction and other wellness content, NeuroFlow is fully customizable by each organization and our AI algorithms allow content to be tailored to a member’s condition and engagement on the platform. As a result, NeuroFlow users compete for an average of 34 activities on the app in their first month and over 68% of users stay active on the platform beyond six weeks, engagement numbers that wildly outperform other digital health apps on the market.