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The neuroFit platform generates a powerful new vital sign—for brain health.  Our eye-movement-based wellness assessment is sensitive to both positive and negative factors for brain health.   

Do you know what stress, fatigue, and poor nutrition is doing to your brain?  A simple 5-minute test can show you how your brain physiology stacks up on the continuum of wellness.  Our platform will track these underlying factors using inputs from your smartphone and wearables to help you understand the impact of your lifestyle choices on brain function, and provide personalized comments for improvements.  

There is clear evidence that lifestyle interventions change health outcomes, deferring or even reversing the course of chronic disease.  neuroFit will contribute the brain-health monitoring piece to this lifestyle puzzle. In the consumer space, our platform enables users to monitor their cognitive wellness and identify—and manage—factors that will keep you at the top of your game, whether you are military pilot or a major-league batter, a corporate professional who needs to stay sharp, or an aging adult facing a degenerative condition working to defer the onset of symptoms.