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Company description
NearVerse is the brainchild of Boris Bogatin, a telecom executive who spent the better part of the 2000 decade at Skyterra, developing a nationwide 4G wireless operation with leading telecom, media, and television companies. Boris was previously with Cidera, a streaming media CDN that aimed to significantly improve the speeds and quality of rich media Internet experiences. By combining his expertise in developing highly spectrum-efficient technologies and disruptive means to optimize network architectures, Boris developed NearVerse to accelerate the mobile Internet. His co-founder, Vic Singh, jokingly proclaims he left the dark side as a venture capitalist with RRE Ventures to help Boris start the company. After making several investments in the mobile space and closely following the emergence of smartphone era and mobile Internet demand, Vic saw a unique opportunity to help start a company that could fundamentally disrupt the ecosystem and create value for all its players.
Business model

NearVerse is a venture-backed, wireless IP networking company, improving the quality of mobile Internet experiences by unifying short-range wireless and carrier networks into an optimized system. NearVerse's technology platform accelerates mobile Internet speeds, demonstrating data transfer and content delivery rates that are 5-10X faster than those of 3G networks.


NearVerse's first application, LokastTM, offers users a rich and dynamic proximity based experience within 300 feet of other users, powered by NearVerse's high-speed networking technology. NearVerse uses a highly distributed, software-centric network approach and has received significant interest from consumers in its first application and from carriers, OEMs, and app providers in its CDN-like performance service offer.