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Finding veins to draw blood or administer medicine is very difficult with most patients, as obesity and diabetes rates are increasing at a dangerous level worldwide, making finding veins very difficult. 

We would like to establish a business relationship with you. This is a rare opportunity as we are about to launch the sales of our new vein illumination product. Vein illumination is targeted to reach $2B worldwide in a few years. The barrier to this growth is lack of portability, quality of images and the price of existing products. We solves those problems. 

The VEC is the only product in the market that works on every patient, provides FHD (full high definition) images of subdermal veins, and is priced so that it is affordable to the worldwide community. The new Vein-Eye CARRY (VEC 03) costs 50% less than the leading selling device.

Vein-Eye® CARRY

After 6 years, Near Infrared imaging (NII) is ready to launch our 3nd generation vein illumination device, the Vein-Eye CARRY (VEC). The worldwide medical community wants a lightweight, very portable, hands-free solution that can be carried into remote villages and towns, and is ideal for home infusion, hospitals and ambulances. The Vein-Eye CARRY portable medical device provides FHD images of subdermal veins and can penetrate fat, very dark skin and excessive body hair.

  • The Vein-Eye® CARRY is significantly better than the competition, lower-priced, safer and ready to explode onto a waiting market. We just need funds to build the inventory and expand worldwide. 
  • The Vein-Eye® CARRY (VEC) medical camera provides superb real-time sub-dermal video of veins, allowing for less pain, and more success, with venipuncture. 
  • With the Vein-Eye CARRY, the venipuncture technology is brought to the patient. 
    • This is critically important to the mobile healthcare practitioners who have to travel to the patients.


The #1 problem with placing an IV in a patient, or drawing blood, is finding a vein. This is paramount in all patients, but quite difficult in newborn patients, children, patients who are obese, very dark-skinned or critically ill. With the Vein-Eye CARRY, the medical device is brought to the patient, even in an ambulance or home. The opportunity is worldwide.

There are 40M – 50M vein punctures everyday worldwide, and 25% of them miss on the first attempt, causing pain and stress.

One in three attempts results in failure in adults; one in two attempts results in failure in pediatrics.

    • That translates to 50% failure in pediatrics.

With certain diseases - such as malnutrition and diarrhea - it is critically important to provide intravenous fluids immediately. With deadly viruses – such as COVID-19, Ebola, AIDS, Cholera, Nipah and Tuberculosis – it is dangerous for the healthcare provider to repeatedly puncture the skin looking for a vein.

As countries implement a home healthcare community program, the VEC will someday be considered standard equipment.

  • Henry Schein,, considers the VEC technology as the gold standard. The CIO views the VEC as a great source of revenue in both the near-term and the long-term revenue. The VEC is approved for their resale and we are going through the process of a joint sales launch.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss.  Thank you!