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Reston, Virginia, United States United States
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A start-up venture investor is called upon to wear many hats: financial strategist, headhunter, marketing advisor, investment banker and corporate therapist, providing guidance, support and confidence to a team. As board members, we bring our energy, experience and contacts to help turn ideas and early traction into scalable, high-growth businesses. Our entrepreneurs and the individuals on their teams posses the extraordinary intelligence, passion, vision and drive needed to succeed. We believe they should have large stakes in their companies which can generate great wealth for those who make the early sacrifices. We believe investors must be helpful but never meddlesome. We expect the founding team to develop their business, execute relentlessly, adapt to inevitable changes, and to grow with their companies. While we will often help founders recruit additional executives, we invest in the founding team anticipating they will scale with their business. Our friends, partners and industry colleagues are our most valuable resources. Our development of a “value-added” network is a powerful resource we can use in our efforts to help our portfolio companies succeed.