National Wifi Solutions

National Wifi Solutions
"Making Business Mobile Apps A Reality"
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States United States
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Company description

National Wifi Solutions provides a range of low-cost small business mobile apps (Android, iPhone, iPad & HTML5) with essential features that will enable your business mobile marketing needs. We create them fast, in days...not weeks! 

Business model

National Wifi Solutions see business mobile as the single exciting opportunity for businesses to grow and create customer loyalty and referrals.  Our strategy enhances your business with mobile marketing capabilities and solutions via Android, iPhone & iPad platforms. Our scope encompasses more than profit margins. We mix mobile into what you already do to make it stronger to drive new customers in your door, to your phone and your website.

Competitive advantage

Business Owners may reverse their recession with a  National Wifi Solutions small business mobile app!

79% of local businesses believe they can't afford a mobile app for their business. With the average business mobile app cost being $10,000 wonder!

The good news is...that's where National Wifi Solutions come in, a leader in the mobile app revolution for small businesses!