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Company description

Nanoexa is a nanotechnology based clean energy company. Our mission is to create new end-to-end business units that utilize computational modeling innovation to dramatically improve material performance in clean energy products such as solar cells and lithium ion batteries. These business units will operate under a holding company model, united by the computational modeling platform, and offer synergies across product lines.


Nanoexa’s breakthrough platform technology offers a unique and powerful way to design and validate material design from the quantum level. This proven process will not only foster the development of novel materials, it will accelerate the improvement cycle of current materials. Nanoexa will be able to optimize materials to their desired application. Under Nanoexa’s business model, manufacturing and commercialization capabilities will be acquired to further accelerate the product development cycle. The company’s first business unit will focus on lithium ion batteries for high performance applications like Hybrid Electric Vehicles and portable devices. Nanoexa is developing lithium battery technology with Argonne National Laboratory that will form the cornerstone of our next generation batteries.


In order to accelerate the commercialization path of for its batteries, Nanoexa acquired a controlling interest in Decktron, a publicly traded company focused on delivering next generation lithium batteries that deliver exceptional performance and safety levels. In addition to lithium batteries, Decktron is a leading supplier of flat panel displays, including LCD and PDP, generating revenues of $100 million in 2005. Decktron will continue to grow its flat panel display business while becoming a global supplier of advanced lithium batteries for high end professional and consumer applications. Decktron is publicly traded on the Korean Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ:053070) and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

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