We are early childhood education, reimagined.
Bozeman, Montana, United States United States
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Family in-home childcare startup MyVillage was founded by two working moms and serial entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the status quo of childcare in the United States.

With more than 51 percent of Americans living in a "childcare desert" where kids drastically outnumber quality, licensed providers, MyVillage is the only company of its kind with a solution that empowers Main Street America's parents, families, and educators by providing exceptional care at an affordable price.

Founded in 2017 and operating in Colorado and Montana with plans for national growth, MyVillage is a Frontiers of Innovation partner at the Center for the Developing Child at Harvard, leveraging the knowledge of early childhood experts to provide 10 child-led, research-backed curricula to all MyVillage educators. MyVillage is a technology-enabled company that is creating a real, authentic community to ensure high quality childcare and continuing education for providers. The company harnesses its strong community of Educators and Mentors to support one another while also providing formal learning opportunities with top academics and researchers in the field of early childhood education.

MyVillage Educators receive front- and back-office tools like accounting, marketing and scheduling to make it easy to launch and run a program. Personalized support and guidance from the nation’s best early childhood educators helps new providers along the way to becoming a licensed provider, increasing supply to meet demand. In just one year of operation, MyVillage has achieved higher than 98 percent customer satisfaction rating (NPS) from parents. In addition to helping Educators access marketing and technical support, MyVillage actively partners with the public sector to complement existing programs and standards with a shared goal of improving outcomes for the nation’s earliest learners.