MyTweetAlerts is like Google Alerts but for Twitter
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Company description is a tool founded on the idea that there should be a better way to search Twitter. Our sophisticated but simple platform allows you to easily set up and deliver custom alerts to your inbox, saving you time and maximizing your efficiency on Twitter. With the ability to search based on a number of criteria including keywords, locations, urls, and number of followers, think of it as Google Alerts for Twitter. Whether you are looking to find new leads and business opportunities, or just want to keep up with latest conversations happening in your industry (or the Kardashians if that’s your thing), MyTweetAlerts is the Twitter alert system designed to meet your needs. One unique feature is that you can create emails alerts and get emails when someone tweets about some topics and the tweet has more than X likes or Y retweets or the Twitter user has more than X followers. Then you can spot Tweets that might go viral.