Democratizing Mental Healthcare
Stanford, California, United States United States
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Company description

Mytribe is a digital platform offering two things: first, a tele-group therapy solution with licensed clinicians, and second, a peer support community that allows people to interact with each other even outside of therapy hours.

Too many solutions that exist out there are reactionary and slow. We’re focused on building a real-time, 24/7, community of care — all while serving more individuals at a lower cost.

Business model

Market Opportunity: The market opportunity is huge. 83+ million US adults suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. Currently, over $200bn is spent on mental healthcare and $70bn is spent on therapy. We believe we can capture a significant share of this market.

Business Model: 

Two main options: Either an individual pays a per-month subscription fee or a one-time group therapy fee. We will compensate therapists on our platform through a generous revenue share model per hour worked. Our peer support community will be a free service to drive engagement, repeated usage,and sustainable impact.

Target Customer: Our target customer, Maria, is a 28-year old teacher, looking for a cost-effective and accessible therapy solution who does not want to go at it alone. She puts value in a robust community support system.

Competitive advantage