Location: 855 Oak Grove Avenue, Suite 105, Menlo Park, California, United States United States
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Menlo Park, California, United States United States
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Company description
MyThings is for people with too much stuff. Or, conversely, people who don’t have that much, but really like what they own. We’re a free service that helps you organize your possessions online, whether that’s electronics, jewelry, antiques, or your vast collection of Smurfs action figures. We also provide services like valuation, accessories, manuals, repair info, recycling, donation, a one-click sell-on-eBay feature, and an easy way to report to Trace, a global database of lost or stolen goods.

MyThings actually grew out of Trace, which helps law enforcement ensure nobody is selling or buying stolen items. To help you avoid adding your prized possessions to Trace, MyThings has a rather intense privacy policy. We require no personal information aside from an email address (which we don’t reveal) to make sure you’re as anonymous as you want to be.

Of course, just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly. Items you've added can be private and completely invisible or public and open to the community. The MyThings community is the heart of the site, and is full of lovely people who are passionate about the things they own and are there to share their stories. MyThings members connect with each other about the things they love most, comparing their experiences with digital cameras and appliances, or auction houses and antiques.

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