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MyStand Inc.
Engaging Humanity in Positive Global Change
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Company description

Mission Statement: To create the most powerful platform for positive global change that has ever existed.

Business Description: MyStand is the world’s first all purpose transformational gaming platform.  A platform that connects real life actions people can take in the world to make a difference... to a fun, engaging game where players quantifiably see the difference they're making in real time.  Each user will have a MyStand "Impact Score" that represents the value they're creating in the world. ex: pounds of plastic reduced per year, tree's saved, co2 reduced, electricity saved, etc. MyStand's unique technology can now verify hundreds of different actions people are taking in the world, and thus for the first time quantifiably PROVE with scoring the global difference each player is making. Mystand synthesizes social networking, social gaming, online fundraising, & viral marketing into a first of it's kind platform... with a mission to inspire millions around the world to stand up, & create the future for life they want on this planet.

Company Background: MyStand was co-founded by Jonathan Budd, an internet marketing prodigy who earned his first $10,000,000 online by age 26, & the renown organization "Pachamama Alliance" co-founded by world leading global activist & best selling author Lynne Twist, Bill Twist, & international best selling author John Perkins.

Products/Services: MyStand delivers the world’s first REAL LIFE transformational gaming platform… making it fun, easy, & quantifiably PROVABLE that each user of the site is making a REAL difference in the world. Levarging the rapid growth of social games, users will now have a social game to play that makes a meaningful difference not only in their real lives, but in the world.  Each user can see that difference reflected in their personal "impact score", which is literally a true indicator of the good/impact they are having on the planet. The core MyStand game is only one component of the MyStand product line, as well as a whole suite of additional products geared towards the social gaming, online fundraising, green advertising, & social networking market spaces.

Technologies: MyStand possesses breakthrough verification technology in the world of real life gaming. The MyStand verification processes are core to the company's unique intellectual property, and provide a signifigant advantage over all other gaming platforms emerging in the industry. For the first time... we can actually verify that people are truly doing the actions they say they are doing, & compute REAL LIFE scores of the difference people are making in the world.  MyStand is pioneering global metrics based systems that will revolutionize the gaming, & caused based industries.

Markets: MyStand’s target market is divided into several categories.  The "low hanging fruit" of people already interested in caused based activities, online fundraising, environmental sustainability, personal growth, & social gaming. With over 170,000,000 members now on CAUSES.COM, we estimate there are over 300,000,000 people worldwide in this market, who are HUNGRY for a real life game to play that makes a meaningful difference in their lives, & the world.  This market wants to see the impact they're making, they want to see change happening, & they are frustrated with the rate of progress.  MyStand now makes possible quantifiable action steps anyone can take to make a difference, with real time feedback on how they're doing... inside a fun, easy to play game.  Beyond this, we estimate there are many hundreds of millions more people who are hungry for more meaning in their lives, hungry to not just 'pass time' but ENJOY the time they're passing, & eager to be a part of something bigger than themselves. MyStand is presenting an incredible opportunity to engage humanity in an extremely meaningful game/movement to change our world for the better. More info available upon request.

Revenue Models: MyStand makes money in a variety of ways. Through the kickstarter fundraising model (transaction fee of every dollar raised across the platform), the zynga model with a % gaming revenue going back to charity (virtual goods, avatar upgrades, secret levels, etc), pay-per-click advertising targeted to real time behavioral data generated by real actions people are taking inside the game, a "green marketplace", plus information publishing. (courses, programs, live events, etc.)

Distribution Channels: MyStand has secured enromous strategic alliances with joint venture partners around the globe. The core launch database of the MyStand launch partners totals 30,000,000 pre existing subscribers across multiple industries.  Examples of MyStand joint venture partners include Jack Canfield (author of "chicken soup for the soul" series), Jack's TLC network, dozens of the largest internet marketers, authors, several strategic celebrity relationships, as well as over 1,200 independent NGO's, including the Sierra Club.  In addition to the MyStand launch strategy, MyStand employs a viral growth strategy built into the game similar to Zynga games, as well as a team of expert direct response marketers targetting search, social, & media driven advertising.

Market Research. Independently, there are social networks with a cause (,,, very few transformational games (,,, and many emerging online fundraising platforms (,,, etc). Sojo Studios, the maker of the game "WeTopia" just received an $8,000,000 financing round, as well funding from Ellen Degeneres.  It's clear the "gaming for good" space is emerging, yet has NO market leader & no one who's truly cracked this massive audience. MyStand is the first of any platform to track REAL LIFE actions that make a difference inside a game... that can quantifiably prove just by playing it you make the world a better place.  MyStand synthesizes each trend above under one platform, with a superior management team to execute.

Solution Management:

Founder & CEO: Jonathan Budd, Internet Marketing prodigy, made first $10,000,000 online by age 26. Grew his first company to 40+ employee's providing information products, seminars, & coaching to over 125,000 customers in the small business training niche.  Left multi-million dollar per year business to grow MyStand & fulfill on his mission of a thriving, just, & sustainable future for life on this planet.

Daniel Schmactenberger: Founder & director of Strategic Global Solutions think tank, Scientific Virtuoso, Started college 13 years old, life long work across activism & many sectors, pioneering development of new systems for global governance & economics.

Shore Slocum: Content developer for Tony Robbins Seminars for 20 years, Founder of (over 30,000 users in beta), user experience evangelist & company culture fanatic. Member of Bamboo Management team grew company from 50-1500 employee's in 14 months with successful IPO & a 2.2 billion market cap.  Global speaker, ted talk: 

Sunil Rawal – Chief Technical Advisor, PhD in theoretical physics (Cambridge, MUM), Ms in artificial intelligence. 15 years of software development and database architecture. Currently working in cloud computing, crowd-sourcing, and modeling with genetic algorithms.

Jim Bunch – Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Ultimate Game of Life coaching company, with over 10,000 clients participating in Jim's 90-day happiness, health, & wealth challenge.  Also core team member of Bamboo Management team grew company from 50-1500 employee's in 14 months with a successful IPO & a 2.2 billion market cap.


internet media & Services, Gaming and technology


5-50 in angel round


$1.5 million in angel round


Programming and code development

Graphic design and interface

core internal staff (content, design, finance, executive assistants, etc)

technology costs


video/media production


Promotion and marketing


Use Case Studies:

#1. The Starbucks Challenge – user is logged into mystand (or app), receives notification on right hand side of the screen for a new “Quest”.  A scroll pops up, or message saying… “A New Quest is Available for You, Will You Accept?”

They click on quest link, a scroll opens with description.  “Will you Accept the Starbuck’s Quest? – Every year 10,000,000 tree’s are cut down to make paper cups that are used once, & then thrown away.  Yet these tree’s… are gone forever.
Will you accept the quest to save the “Sherwood Forest”, by bringing your own reusable container to starbucks the next time you get coffee, or tea? Simply bring you own cup, and take a picture within the MyStand app to upload to your challenge area.
Will you Accept? (yes or no)

  • They accept.  Next time user is in Starbucks, they pull out their phone with myStand app on it, they take picture right then and there and hit upload.  Photo uploads tagged to that challenge.  Push notifications go out to the persons network immediately saying “Johnny x” just completed the star bucks challenge.  Will you verify his challenge is complete? Crowd sourcing verification is essential.


  • Once verified… DING DING DING. Johnny gets 7 points, he unlocks a new level, gets the starbucks badge, watches his impact score rise RIGHT on the screen, and see's the "Social ROI" for how many tree's hes saved, co2 he's sequestered, etc... all from completing this action.  He’s ready for another quest.


#2: The “Edison” Quest!

  • 115 years ago Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb... and changed how human beings live forever.  What Edison didn’t realize though... is that 100 years later his invention would be consuming XYZ amount of global energy per year, burning coal that’s causing devastating harm to all natural life support systems.

Lets pick up where Edison left off, with a NEW kind of lightbulb that’s takes much less vital energy from our planet.  Do you accept the “edison” quest... to change all the lightbulbs in your house to be ALIGNED with your values of a sustainable, & vibrant future?

Yes or no?

Simply photograph your new lightbulbs, in each new location.  You get 2 points for each new lightbulb you replace to be green energy savers!


-- These are very basic examples of the HUNDREDS of different evolutionary actions we can incentivize, & make fun & interesting for people to accomplish.  The verification process is what adds the integrity to the game, knowing we can truly calculate the quantifiable impact on the world players of the game will be having.

When you add in the corporate sponsorships of gifts, rewards, & real life incentivizes that can be built into the game for people "Making the Biggest Difference"... you can truly see how this is not like any of the other games existing out there.

MyStand users do not spend their time stuck in a virtual world... they are out in their lives, taking real actions, that make a real difference, & getting rewarded for doing so.

Business model

Mystand has a multi-phased revenue model.  We have an immediate revenue stream with model #1: transaction %'s.  Because MyStand is itself a fundraising platform, that has integrated gaming mechanics to incentivize players to raise money for the projects, causes, & missions they are passionate about... this revenue stream will be in operation from the start.

Revenue steam #2: gaming upgrades.  Phased in within 6-12 months of launch... MyStand will begin to incorporate it's gaming revenue component.  Micro payments for special levels, virtual gifts/currencies, avatar upgrades, etc.

Revenue Stream #3: Advertising.  MyStand is working on a brand new real time "behavioral data" targeted advertising strategy.  Factoring in that we have real life data on what people are doing, when they're doing it... this positions MyStand to advertise in a brand new way.

Example: "players is working on improving their "health" score inside the game, and thus geo graphically "checks in" to the gym on their mobile phone.  Since we know they are checking in to the gym in real time... we can serve an ad from "Power Bar" for example that says... "Make sure you stay energized while you work out, show this coupon & get 10% off your Power Bar right now at the gym."  Considering we are determined to have many millions & millions of users playing the game to change the course of humanity... this 'real time' behavorial targeted advertising could be very lucrative.