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...Don't Try to Find a Lawyer. Let Them Find You!
Woodside, California, United States United States
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Company description redefines contingency lawsuits by directly connecting plaintiffs and lawyers thereby eliminating the “middle-lawyer” from the referral process and creating a competitive marketplace for lawsuits.

Business Overview was created to redefine the client-attorney contingent lawsuit connection process.  There are three key value areas that delivers:

1), an  internet-based service, has created a competitive market for bidding on contingency fee lawsuits. The focus is to assist individuals in finding qualified lawyers who are willing to take their case for a contingency fee – no money down; fees are due only if the case is successfully litigated and award is collected.

2) also establishes a social resource network where both plaintiffs and lawyers can turn for advice, information and connections with those similarly situated and in need of particular goods, services and medical attention.

3) has a lead generation business built into the model which allows individuals and lawyers to find financing for their cases and case portfolios, respectively.

Awards and Mentions
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    Top five women run businesses in Catalyst Competition sponsored by Girls in Tech and Vator!
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    CEO is recognized as one of Silicon Valley's Women of Influence 2011
  • Business model receives a 5% commission on successful lawsuits creating a $5 billion revenue potential.

    Total market for tort awards is approximately 172bn per year. also receives fees for connecting lawyers to funding sources for case costs.

    Competitive advantage

    We connect people to lawyers with the right license and expertise. Clients can view resumes, connect, communicate through online methods including secured video chat. 

    We are able to make market frictionless by not charging attorneys at all, and not charging clients upfront for a case they may never win.

    No market exists that allows for competitive bidding in contingency fee lawsuits. We have the exclusive license for patents to insure it stays that way!