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MyHealthTeams is a San Francisco-based company building deeply engaging social networks for people facing chronic health conditions in the U.S. Combining the social elements of a Facebook with the hyper-local recommendations of a Yelp, MyHealthTeams makes it easy for consumers to:

  • Easily find local providers and businesses who can best help them.
  • Quickly find and connect with a network of other people who understand what they face daily because they have been in their shoes.

MyHealthTeams’ flagship site, MyAutismTeam is officially launching in December 2011.

MyHealthTeams is filling a void for nearly 150MM people in the U.S. suffering from chronic health conditions who need to find the best local providers and connect with a network of others who have been in their shoes.

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with a chronic condition or disease, many people find it’s not easy to find local resources that can best help you.  If you ask anyone impacted by autism, breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, infertility, or other chronic conditions, they will describe it as a “painfully frustrating” experience that is “lonely” and similar to “reinventing the wheel.” 

Many turn online for help but most health content on the web today focuses on everything except for the social and local aspects – the part where a person actually takes action to tackle their condition. Through a strong technology platform, MyHealthTeams answers this unmet need by creating specific social networks for those who have a chronic condition and need a safe place to openly share their own experiences and resources.


What is MyAutismTeam? What does MyAutismTeam do?

MyAutismTeam is the flagship site from MyHealthTeams providing a social network for parents and families of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Launching in December 2011, it is the first social network designed specifically for parents of children with autism, enabling them to connect with each other, openly discuss issues, share their own experiences, recommend providers, resources and other services to address the needs of their loved ones with autism.

Members can engage on the social media platform by posting updates and comments, providing recommendations of providers and local businesses based on personal experience, by answering questions posted by their team members and others in the network. 


MyAutismTeam offers a way for consumers to:

  • Find and share the best health practitioners and other service providers and businesses (from dentists and therapists, to autism-friendly businesses like barbers, babysitters, etc.) that especially cater to autism needs (marked by “autism-yes”) – on a hyper local level.
  • Interact and exchange stories and ideas on helping their children and loved ones thrive with ASD.
  • Connect with other people in a safe and welcoming network of people like them.

For businesses and providers, MyAutismTeam is a great way to connect with a network of passionate parents who make the major health decisions for households.