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Founded in: 2009
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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The fast, fun way to get stuff done
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

A Cubi is a profile page which any service provider is free to create to market their service. They say what services they offer and what area they cover. Visitors to the site looking to get something done can send out a Cubi Call. They fill out a quick form saying what they want and when they need it. Their request is then automatically matched up to all the relevant service providers who in turn, bid on the job. The consumer thus gets to choose a service provider based on price, time available, qualifications or previous customer reviews. But a Cubi is much more than just a basic profile page. Each Cubi will have communication tools built into it so consumer and service provider can instant chat or make video calls. 

Business model

The site will be offered for free at the start to service providers and consumers in order to gain critical mass. 

Text Messages: Service providers can sign up for text message alerts of jobs as they come in.

Cubi Consult: Cubi owners will have the ability to charge people for video calls like We will take 15% of the overall call plus credit card processing fees.

Customized Cubis: Owners will be able to customize their Cubis and opt for more advanced features for an additional fee. 

Coupon Service: Local businesses will be able to send email coupons to people on our site based on where they live, age, gender and occupation.

Advertising Facebook style advertising on the site

Background Checks We will offer an optional service where, for a fee, we will preform background checks on members. 

Premium Members: When the site has reached critical mass we may consider introducing a feature whereby "premium members" get the leads in the first 3 hours. 

Competitive advantage

Service Magic: Service Magic charge service providers $100 to sign up and the service providers are charged large fees for leads. One only has to Google 'ServiceMagic' to see how many complaints sites there are from Service Providers who are unhappy with their service. We will not introduce fees for leads or to sign up thereby reducing the need for a sales or customer care department. Service Magic made the same revenue as Craigslist last year but they have 800 staff while Craigslist have 30.

We hope to offer a better experience for the service provider. For the consumer we offer a better service as Service Magic does not facilitate the ability for people to bid against each other - which offers better value for the consumer. 

Also, we will have the added feature of the ability for users to instant chat or make video calls. 


Redbeacon launched a few months prior to MyCubi. Their business model is based on charging the service provider who was awarded the contract. They must pay a 10% upfront fee. This model is as yet unproven and we feel that, due to the nature of the service industry e.g. jobs falling through or disputes between service provider and consumer - that this model will require a large customer care department and credit card charge backs. 


Again, the fact that a Cubi is also a telecommunication tool makes it a more exciting option for consumers and service providers.