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Company description

MyCrowd is a freelancing and crowdsourcing platform.  It allows users to launch new "tasks" directly from within applications like Optimizely, PowerPoint or any webpage.   MyCrowd then acts like "Kayak for the crowd" by connecting to multiple platforms (oDesk, eLance and to find the workers.

All of this runs seamlessly as an overlay.

Our belief is that by making crowdsourcing easier, we can capture a large part of the market and grow with the industry that has been expanding at 100% per year since 2008.

Our target customers range from startups who want on-demand talent to large enterprises who want to augment their existing teams, speed the turn-around of tasks or control the quality of talent through MyCrowd filters.





Business model

MyCrowd is an exchange and aggregator for the world of freelancing and crowdsourcing.  Customers use MyCrowd to create new tasks and find workers.  Those workers are located on other partner platforms such as oDesk or eLance.

Our business model is charging a 2-10% fee for every transaction across our platform. 

Competitive advantage

MyCrowd has unique software that runs as an overlay on any webpage, and has the ability to integrate tightly with applications such as Optimizely.

This tight integration allows for highly specialized Task Requests to crowdsource.

An example if creating an AB Test to be run in Optimizely.  MyCrowd allows a user to leverage crowdsourcing talent directly from within Optimizely.

This also works for software such as PowerPoint, Google Docs, or standalone web pages.