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About My News Splash

My News Splash is a free social media community portal - add some favorite news, read the latest news headlines, meet people who like the things you do and discuss the latest news headlines with like-minded cool people.

Add some friends, read some breaking news, and discover new and interesting people.

We wanted to create a online social media place for cool people, people who like the latest news, and people who love to write about their favorite things in life, so we created...My News Splash


My News Splash design is quick, easy, effective and affordable (because it’s free)!

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We have incorporated the best of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Design and tools into this portal. The social media design allows for maximum optimization and it’s the community who controls the news article and news relevance!

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My News Splash – Found some favorite news, something you really love and enjoy, upload anything you want, your news, advertising, new products, tell us why you think it’s cool and spread the word, send it to your friends and see what they think.
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Google Ads, Sponsors.
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