The first job-related social network
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Company description

With Muxi, exchange with people doing the same job as you.

Divided in 70 fraternities and 300 circles, Muxi offers its users a platform where they can share their experience, ask questions, find coworkers and more generally exchange with their colleagues.

US launch: June 2012

Business model

Business model: based on advertising

  • A targeted audience through 300 circles -> high CTR
  • A professional environment which allows a BtoB targeting -> high PPC
Competitive advantage

Most of the professional social networks are more like an addition of “online CVs” rather than a true place to exchange with others. Thus, they only reproduce on the web the existing connections of the “real world”.

The idea behind Muxi is to develop a network based on the exchange of knowledge between colleagues and not on the connections which pre-exist between people who know each other.