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Müvr Labs
Better, more personal, data-driven care for knee replacements.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Nearly 1 million knee replacements will be performed in 2015 alone, growing at a rate of 8.2% per year. However, almost 20% of patients remain dissatisfied with the procedure, and 33% are dissatisfied with rehab. Optimal outcomes are not reached due to unrealistic expectations, low physical therapy compliance, and unknown effectiveness of at-home therapy protocols. Healthcare payers are missing a significant opportunity to reduce expenses (> $1,200 per patient) by avoiding costs associated with beneficial preoperative therapy. In addition, under a new model announced by Medicare (CCJR), hospitals will bear financial responsibility for the overall episode of care and will be incentivized to submit outcomes measurements and achieve minimum quality scores. There is an unmet need to increase satisfaction, improve outcomes, and reduce costs by empowering patients to actively participate in their own treatment. 

Müvr is developing a digital platform to improve healthcare for patients undergoing knee replacements. Müvr's breakthrough wearable tracker measures key recovery metrics while a companion mobile app coaches and motivates the patient. Using a web-based dashboard, care providers can remotely monitor patients and customize therapy while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs. With Müvr, patients will see better outcomes and enjoy a quicker recovery that is personalized and designed to help them succeed.


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