Vizigy eLearning Technologies

We make it easy to create, deliver and monetize full featured video instruction courses overvthe Internet
San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

Vizigy offers a comprehensive streaming video, media eCommerce and social media platform to enable instructional content providers and enterprises to easily create, deliver and monetize self-paced instruction and eLearning. Vizigy provides a complete cloud-based solution for capturing, editing, managing and delivering structured and secure video instruction to desktops, mobile devices and tablets. We are also developing a variety of social learning features to enhance and augment the video learning. Featuring vertical market solutions for music education, software application training, healthcare, and skills-based training. Key features include: - secure video streaming - monthly subscription and tuition billing services - structured and unstructured courses - teacher video uploading and virtual lesson design - integrated class or school social media - and support for downloadable media with lesson videos .