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Design Thinking, visual research, gamestorming. All these great techniques to understand problems and design solutions have been proven to work in corporate environments to drive creativity and innovation.

The tools of the trade, sticky notes, sharpies, foamboards and such are great to get people going right away, but when you need to include remote collaborators... or document all of that stuff.. ugghh... problem

We help people collaborate in playful way in these activities.

Teams inside companies like IDEO, Steelcase, Amplify Learning and others are using the product to help them with different parts of their product development.

We've just moved to San Francisco to get to the next phase of our company.


Intel Capital - Unconfirmed
Whether you're seed stage or ready for growth, Intel Capital can help take it to the next level. Since 1991, we have invested more than US$10.8 billion in over 1,250 companies in 54 countries. Our company building focus has resulted in more tha...
Alta Ventures - Unconfirmed
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