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Company description

Mumboe is an online application that makes it easy for companies to organize and share sensitive legal documents in a secure central location. Delivered over the web as an on-demand application, Mumboe is the easy, affordable alternative to complex enterprise contract management systems. Using Mumboe, organizations can securely create, store, track and share important agreement details anytime, anywhere. Interested customers can sign up for a free Mumboe account at  and begin using the product immediately, then upgrade as their business needs grow for a low monthly fee. For more information visit


Business model

Mumboe is an on-demand, Software as a Service application that makes it easy to  organize and share business agreements from a secure central location.

Competitive advantage
Mumboe is the easy, affordable alternative to enterprise contract management applications. Delivered as a web application for a low monthly fee, Mumboe eliminates complex sales and implementation hassles. A free Mumboe Express account lets interested customers try before they buy with no credit card or long-term commitment required. Interested customers can go to and begin using the application immediately.