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Company description

The Service: Mr Lawyer is an online service which enables consumers to hire great value lawyers.

Team Summary: 1 barrister, 2 management consultants and 1 technology expert with a combined 30 years commercial experience.

Vision: To become the global brand that helps private consumers and small businesses find great lawyers at a competitive price.

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Business model

The business charges lawyers a success fee for winning work and will introduce a monthly subscription to Lawyers at some point in the future.

Success fees

There are a range of different success fees depending on the type of case including:

  • £25+VAT fixed fee for conveyancing work
  • £99+VAT for all No Win No Fee work
  • 2.5% +VAT for all other private work (minimum £15 charge)
  • Legal aid, injury and criminal cases will remain free

Monthly Subscription

After 12 months we will aim to introduce a monthly subscription of £24.99 per month for every Lawyer (with a minimum 3-6 month contract) and retain an initial 1 month free for all new lawyers.

Competitive advantage

Current Challenges In the Legal Market

  • Traditional Referral: The traditional idea of having a 'family solicitor' has all but disappeared from British society. In 2011 personal recommendations accounted for 42% of lawyer referrals which represents  a 10% reduction from 2009  due to consumer behaviour placing more trust in the internet instead.  This is likely to be an ongoing trend.
  • De-regulation: From 6th October 2011 the legal industry has been reformed to allow non-law businesses or alternative business structures (ABS) to provide legal services and as a consequence the Legal Ombudsman has warned that consumers must now take greater care when choosing a legal practitioner.
  • Legal Jargon: For many consumers, the language used by lawyers is impenetrable and difficult to understand, which is a factor contributing towards the difficulty in assessing and comparing legal services.
  • “Credence Good”: Legal services are considered a “credence good” i.e. It is difficult to ascertain quality or value especially considering that the use of  a solicitor is a relatively infrequent event, so individuals don‘t have much of a benchmark against which to judge quality. 
  • Minimal Regulatory Information: There is minimal public or regulatory information which defines the quality of lawyers.
  • No Consumer Friendly Brand: There is no single consumer friendly brand either in the UK or worldwide which is associated with legal services. Other industries have brand recognition. Examples in other industries include Ikea (furnishings) and Specsavers (glasses).

The Solution

  • Simple Rating System: A 5 star rating and previous customer feedback will help to provide better guidance to consumers when selecting a lawyer.
  • Multiple Quote Management: The ability for a consumer to have up to 8 law firms quote on work, makes the job of receiving and managing quotes from lawyers much easier. Lawyers will also have a similar quote management tool making the process of tracking multiple quotes much easier.
  • Ranked Lawyers: The ability for a consumer to see higher ranking lawyers in their local area and ‘invite’ them to provide a quote is great for both consumers and lawyers. Consumers have a much better chance of receiving a great service and high performing lawyers get rewarded for their effort.
  • Focus on Quality not Price: It is never advisable for any industry to focus solely on price. That is why Mr Lawyer focuses on providing quality lawyers where price forms a component of quality.
  • Fair Pricing: With the many changes within the legal industry and internet landscape, lawyers need a service which they can easily use to obtain new work at a fair price.
  • Consumer Friendly Branding: Consumers need a brand and a service that is accessible, recognisable and approachable.