MoWaiter - One app for all restaurants
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

In the near future, when you are ready to order at a restaurant but the waiter is nowhere to be found, you will be able to use an app on your smartphone to browse the restaurant’s menu, place orders and pay the bill in seconds.

One app for all restaurants. Users don’t want 50 apps for 50 restaurants.

The app becomes personal and provides personalized influence. For instance, the app shows restaurants that are within walking distance and have coupons or promotions on plates that you love or are likely to love.

That’s MoWaiter’s vision. Eating-out empowerment and personalization.

Business model

Free for users. We are evaluation the following fees from restaurants: Fee per transaction completed in MoWaiter (e.g.: 1% of payment transactions). Advertising transaction fees to reach out MoWaiter users. Monthly subscription (e.g.: $100). Setup fee for hardware and services (it may be factored into the subscription).

Competitive advantage

MoWaiter: One app for all restaurants. Users want simplicity and personalization. Restaurants want their corporate image promoted on their pages. MoWaiter approach tackles both fronts.

Competitors by type: One app per restaurant: Limited user adoption, no personalization.Tablet on tables: Expensive for restaurants, no personalization.Take-out only apps: Limited in scope.Payment-only apps: Limited in scope, no personalization.Similar to MoWaiter: Focus and execution. Besides, there’s probably enough market for up to 3 major providers.