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Company description

MovieSet is a next generation Internet portal that provides the movie fan with true "behind-the-scenes" access to the filmmaking experience.

Each film featured on MovieSet uses our turn-key technology to create a dynamic web presence for its production. Fans can authentically track each film's progress from green-light through to delivery through a social networking environment superimposed over an actual film production content management and workflow system.

At MovieSet we know that during production the prime directive is to get the movie in the can on time and on budget. At the same time, marketing is mission critical. MovieSet believes that each film has its own core audience and the internet provides the most sophisticated tool to target and engage those fans. MovieSet enables filmmakers with the tools they need to create a community around shared passions for movies.

Business model

Revenues are derived predominantly from online advertising.

Competitive advantage

What is the MovieSetTM Advantage?

MovieSetTM has been designed by film-makers for movie producers and film fans.  By building a state-of-the-art web presence for each featured movie, MovieSetTM moves the start of the film's marketing process to the beginning of production, and builds awareness throughout the production cycle--using the Internet--where movie marketing is the most successful.  In turn, MovieSetTM creates a community around a given film, allowing fans to engage in the type of social networking that has become so ubiquitous.  These types of social networks create huge stable user groups, allowing MovieSetTM to tap into the surging demand by advertisers for cutting edge web platforms with social networking features.  By aggregating large numbers of fans with common interests, the MovieSetTM "site-lets" are extremely valuable to advertisers looking for new online channels. 

In the parlance of the new economics of culture and commerce, MovieSetTM is emblematic of the new breed of content aggregators.

While MovieSetTM revenues will come predominantly from online advertising, the MovieSetTM platform offers multiple revenue sources, including several e-commerce applications such as:  (1) Product Placement catalogues of embedded products, (2) eBay auctioning of props, costumes and other production assets; (3) Sale of Swag memorabilia; (4) Digital downloads, including mobile content such as ring-tones, wallpaper,  video blogs, even live streaming content.

In addition, MovieSetTM provides a mechanism for audience focus testing and the gathering of intelligence that is invaluable for overall marketing strategy.  Its data metrics are a key element.

The MovieSetTM technology also provides a standardized architecture for automating many aspects of the production processes which are typically managed with uncoordinated software.  This provides additional value to filmmakers and facilitates easy integration of the fan environment.

As the movie industry begins to catch up to the universal trend to online marketing, MovieSetTM is strategically well-positioned to win a significant share of a growing market.