Location: Milan, Italy Italy
Founded in: 2014
Number of employees: 1-5
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Milan, Italy Italy
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Movieday is the first web platform in Italy that allows anyone to create ondemand events in cinemas or other venues (Stadiums, Schools, etc). Users are free to select the time slot and location of viewing, as well as content from our library and create an on-demand event! We created a sharing and on-demand economy platform designed as a smart tool which leverages on data analysis to link contents though the direct demand of moviegoers, providing a perfect balance between offer and demand, as well as registering high-quality and scalable sales information that cannot be altered. Transparency and a trustworthy relationship with producers, distributors and cinemas are the main key assets and advantages of the platform, creating a brand new and more solid value chain among the players involved. We connect people with stories. Lots of people, and lots of stories. Entertainment, like friendship, is a core human need. No matter how big or small, dramatic or satiric, entertainment stimulates us, changes the way we feel, and gives us common ground.