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Moveboxer gives people a ballpark estimate for their move, lets them compare mover reviews, and then lets them pick the movers to contact them. “Moving is a universal experience and one that can be very frustrating,” said CEO and founder Jennifer Morehead. “We’re giving consumers more information about their move, like a price estimate and details about the mover so they can have more control."  Moveboxer features a moving resource center that answers many questions for customers about staying organized, moving breakables, and preparing children for upcoming moves. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable moving companies to connect them with their users. Once someone has chosen a mover, they can connect with partner site Lockboxer, which helps them sell,donate, and inventory their things for the move.


How Moveboxer Works:

• Enter a few details about your move

• Get an estimated price for your move

• Check out reviews and information about different movers

• Select the movers you want to contact you

• Connect to Lockboxer in order to sell, donate, and inventory your things for the move


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