Location: American Fork, Utah, United States United States
Stage: Napkin (idea)
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Move Networks

American Fork, Utah, United States United States
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Company description

Move Networks, Inc. is the leader in providing high-quality video streaming over the Internet. With headquarters in American Fork, Utah, Move Networks provides Move Media Services to leading broadcast networks, stations, and video publishers to provide them with the best online publishing solutions available for their high-value video assets.

Move Networks’ video services represent a new paradigm for the delivery of live and on-demand long‑form video content such as television episodes, news, and sports programming. Using patented, proprietary technology, Move Networks provides video delivery services to premium content owners and aggregators at a substantially lower cost and with much higher quality than competing solutions. Furthermore, Move’s scalable platform is the only service able to stream high‑quality, long-form video to millions of viewers simultaneously while maintaining a best‑of‑breed viewing experience.

Move’s services operate with the highest efficiency across the standard infrastructure of the critical broadband access networks viewers rely on to experience the standard and high-definition television quality that major broadcasters are streaming today. The net results of Move’s solution are dramatic increases in viewing frequency and equally important reductions in delivery costs for publishers and broadband service providers.

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