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Motivational Speakers Magazine is a website dedicated to helping event planners find the best professional speaker as well as providing resources for individuals who are looking to become a paid speaker.

Event Planners

There are currently over 100,000 speakers across the globe and very often, event planners are forced to have to sift through thousands of videos and promo kits to have to try and find the speaker they are looking for.

Our site is creating an AI algorithm that will make it much easier for planners to sift through all of the information so that they can quickly choose the right speaker they are trying to look for. By providing these resources, we hope to become the leading search engine in the motivational speakers industry.

Career Planning

Currently, there is no authoritative source on the Internet where individuals can learn all of the skills and necessary steps it takes to launch a career as a motivational speaker. Our website will be providing all of the content for free so that individuals can train to be a paid speaker.

We will be interviewing some of the top leaders in the industry on what it takes build a platform and position oneself as an authority so that they can have a successful career.

Some of the topics we cover will include:

  • Building a speaking business with informed and intention
  • The three first steps to starting your speaking business
  • How to define your niche and expertise
  • How to establish your speaking topics
  • How to seek out and discover your niche market
  • ‘Desperate Buyer Only’ audience and finding the best customers
  • Positioning yourself in the marketplace

How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the biggest challenges our readers face is dealing with the fear of speaking in public. Because of this, we have created an entire section to our site to help people break through this.

Public speaking is something that strikes fear into even the most stout hearted, well rounded and sensible person and it is nothing to be ashamed of. There is a very large percentage of the population with public speaking fear.

It usually comes from thinking about what you will be doing – speaking in public, addressing an audience and frankly people with public speaking fear don’t seem to even consider the size of the audience that they might be speaking in public to.

TED Talks

Last but not least, we will have a section of our site dedicated to helping people get on stage at a TEDx event.