Motion Dispatch

Culver City, California, United States United States
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Motion Dispatch is a radical new approach to digital distribution - Virtual Distribution. We are breaking down the barriers of digital distribution by leveraging automation and our vast experience. Tradition means are expensive, time consuming and with little control. Motion Dispatch shatters those hurdles to bring content to the world.

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Business model

SaaS platform

Subscription and Transactional Fees

Competitive advantage

First to market
First cloud based digital video retail delivery platform
Experience Team
Cut costs dramatically and disrupt current antiquated business model 
Competition is brick and mortar - physical service 

Howard Marks
co-founder Activision, CEO Acclaim Games, Managing Partner of StartEngine.
paul kessler
paul kessler - Unconfirmed
Co-Chair of Start Engine & Principal and Founder of Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC. Mr. Kessler has extensive experience in all aspects of financing emerging growth public/private companies.