Mothership Aeronautics

Achieve aerial permanence
South San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Mothership aeronautics has developed a new type of hybrid airship. Lifted by helium and powered by solar, this airship can cover very long distances in a single day at slow speeds ideal for aerial sensing and imaging.

Our initial focus is pipeline inspections. We have secured a major client in the energy pipeline vertical and begun providing a paid inspection service to them using drones. Our airship provides a huge value-add to pipeline inspections, allowing us to greatly reduce costs in our services provided to the client versus existing methods while achieving high profit margins ourselves.

Pipeline inspections are only the beginning. Our patented technology gives us the only lighter-than-air aircraft able to perform aerial industrial inspections and hence the only aircraft with these unique capabilities. We are thus perfectly poised to take on the verticals of infrastructure inspection, mineral exploration and asset management.

Further development see's our technology evolve into an aerial charging platform, communications and logistical hub for drone swarm operations. 

Business model

Mothership bids on pipeline inspection projects within our network of pipeline operators.

Inspections are priced per mile  + mobilization cost + processing cost.

Competitive advantage

Because we have a long range solar aircraft. We can bid at a 10x lower price than conventional pipeline inspection companies and still make 10x profit.