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Company description supports the fundamental idea that you should be able to find out precisely the value of your organic traffic generated through your SEO activities.

The tool's intelligent data collection features are available without
any installations.

This is because we designed Morningscore for entrepreneurs and CMOs, with the primary focus on features that allow them to track the value of their SEO campaigns without dwelling in too many details.

Additionally, you're even able to examine your SEO agency's performance or monitor competitors' SEO activities and effectiveness.

Although Morningscore might come off as an ordinary tool, in the process of simplification, we had to produce more intelligent features involving complex calculations and data.

This combination is what allows us to provide you with an understandable overview that helps you find out the SEO value in dollars and hours.

These features would ultimately help you prioritize and structure your SEO activities based on ROI:

- Morningscore estimates the cost for similar size traffic as if it was generated through AdWords.

This metric does not only give you an understanding of your business rivals but also helps you decide if particular SEO activities are a good or bad investment.

Whether an internal team or an external agency working on your search engine optimization, it can be a challenge to estimate the real value based on hours.

As an independent 3rd-party tool, Morningscore lets you estimate the hours spent on various SEO tasks with high accuracy.

- Morningscore helps you analyze and reverse-engineer your competitors' SEO activities and determine the hours used on achieving such results as a part of the keyword ranking software.

You can track up to three competitors for rank changes on different keywords and links.

Knowing how visible your brand is in the search engines is a great feature, but not all you need.

- Profit from the possibility of reaching your customers through search engines by knowing how well you perform for relevant keywords.

- You need other businesses linking to your website because it's the factor that signals Google your website is valuable.

You can now track who links to your website and how developed your link profile is.

Additionally, you can do the same for your competitors and potentially find new link opportunities.

Go ahead and sign up for Morningscore here while we still have open spots for the FREE beta testing.


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    Karsten Madsen | Team member
    Making sense of SEO is my passion. Leaders need a SEO analytics tool that is like reading a financial statement. is that tool. I love to create things and help them grow. Interaction with (all sorts of) people gives me energy and ...