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Company description

MoPix provides the framework content creators need to brand, distribute and sell their work via the web, Apple iOS and Android devices and other mobile platforms and digital media products. The company closes the gap between traditional distribution channels and the demand for direct distribution by giving amateur and professional content creators a turnkey way to monetize video and feature content in a digital marketplace. MoPix has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR. 

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Business model

We make money by charging a yearly fee for access to our platform  to manage and distribute content and take a transcational fee for every download sold to an end customer. 

Additional future revenue will be generated from: 

  • Content ownership and royalties 
  • Technology licensing fees 
  • E-commerce revenue sharing 
  • Marketing management services 
Competitive advantage

We have created an easy-to-use, web-based system that allows the content creator to walk through the process of assembling their content for distirbution. No advanced technical knowledge is necessary to use the system, and since it's web-based, it's available on any platform. The MoPix Content Locker walks the content creator through the entire process, from collecting assets, to laying out  "pages", to organizing content into purchasable packs. 

One of the biggest technical challenges that MoPix solves is the delivery of video. Digital video distribution can be difficult to manage, due to the many different formats that need to be supported, along with the technical challenges associated with streaming video. MoPix makes this easy for the content creator. Rather than deal with arduous upload processes in a browser, which can be particularly difficult when dealing with large video files, our system directly "pulls" video content from the cloud. We integrate with a variety of cloud storage systems, including FTP/SFTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and others.


Product roadmap                                                                                                                                             

While the initial focus of the MoPix App Builder is to generate content for iOS apps, we realize that Apple isn't the only end-user experience in town.

We plan on using investment to develop integrations with additional digital distribution partners like our own MoPix Marketplace, web and Android compatibility.

For example, we allow content creators to also generate everything needed for delivering a rich app experience to any possible any end-user platform that offers "bundled content." Apple's iTunes Extras program is another example. Normally, distributing via iTunes Extras requires a lot of programming knowledge and familiarity with Apple's TuneKit API. With MoPix, we can make that as easy as pushing a button.

We also plan on working to get the MoPix App Builder integrated with as many additional platforms and clients as possible, such as Roku, Boxee GoogleTV, and others.


User case                                                                                                                                               

The Silver Goat was the first app to be created and distributed through our platform and also supported by a filmmaker's marketing efforts. It is now available for download through the Apple app store. It is the first film ever created exclusively for the iPad and available for the price of $5.99. 

It's been tremendously successful in the UK, having reached number 15 on the app store in the entertainment category, averaging 50+ downloads during the first week and receiving some fantastic press. 

The red carpet premiere of the film took place in London on board a London Routemaster bus. The bus drove around the locations in which the film was set. These included Chelsea, Notting Hill, King’s Cross and Islington. The cast and crew each had an iPad to watch the mopix film app. Watch a promo video created by the director here:

Find out more about it here: London Evening Standard