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MoodHit, Inc.
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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Currently in open beta and available at the AppStore, MoodHitis an application and web presence that allow users to update all their social networks(twitter, facebook, myspace, etc) with a single gesture.  Simply raise or lower a balloon held byan evil clown, or fill in a drawing of a dinosaur, or tilt a glass of beer andyour mood is communicated.  This single action tells everyone whereyou are and how you are doing.  Thewhole idea is to be fun and fast: Where, When and How at the touch of a finger.

Users can check up on their friends and see where and how they are doing.  Places and people all have real-time status, so not only can you check up on your friends, you can see how the entire bar is doing.  Or see when the best time to visit a museum is.

Business model

Provide a fun and easy way for people to constantly update their profiles with status information and ratings.  These rating provide a real-time view of user sentiment that can be bound to any location where the data is collected.  These data can then be presented back to the users as reviews and recommendation on where to go.

Because the users will want to use MoodHit, we will be able to present next action options in the context of what they are already doing.

 What is the next bar to go to?  Moodhit says the bar three door down is happening right now.  Where's the best palce to get food right now?  Moodhit will know.

Everywhere you go Moodhit will have hot spots for you that relate directly to where you are and what you are doing.

 All comercial businesses are automatically presented.  Blended review from Moodhit and others (Yelp) are displayed.  But on a for fee basis, business can customize their appearance (and url) within the Moodhit community.  This customization extends to hot spots where paid positions will appear before unpaid.

When a user is looking for a nearby bar, a paid placement would be shown first. 

Competitive advantage

Systems designed from onset for maximum scalability and flexibility.

First mover in skin-based social networking

Patents in process for key IP