Location: TAMPA, Florida, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Number of employees: 1-5
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Monikl, Inc.

TAMPA, Florida, United States United States
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We believe when it comes to companies hiring employees, or candidates seeking employment, that key personality traits and workplace preferences are as important to a successful employer-employee match as skill sets. Monikl’s progressive Athena AI platform enables Monikl to quickly make matches based on company culture, workplace preferences, work ethics and key personality traits. Monikl is the ultimate career matchmaker. Quality, not quantity, is what’s missing in today’s marketplace. A quality match equals a happier employee who stays at a company longer, which reduces turnover expense and increases productivity and profits. Our simple, efficient and easy to use platform has been called the “ of the job industry.” Monikl’s not only less costly than what exists today, it also meets the unmet needs of both employers and candidates. Monikl ensures quality matches are made for both candidates and employers. With critical mass, we’ll be able to replace both staffing agencies AND job boards while doing a better job of getting quality candidates to employers. Monikl also offers temp pay-rolling, virtual time cards, worker’s compensation insurance, and more, which enables companies to hire temps, contract or gig workers, not just direct-hire employees. Monikl offers what the marketplace needs: Quality over Quantity.