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Easy and Effective Monetization
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

Monify is a simple and effective monetization solution that bridges the gap between brands and developers. Our webservice automates the processes behind transactions to allow users to buy products within nearly any website or mobile application with no-redirects and fewer clicks than ever before. 

Business model

Monify turns any part of the web into a marketplace. We facilitate the sale of products across mobile applications and websites, taking a commission whenever a purchase is made. We share this commission with the website or mobile application, helping both the digital property and our brand partners drive revenue.

Competitive advantage

Our proprietary technology allows us to create the most impulsive experience ever for the end user. We eliminate all re-directs currently associated with the affiliate model - and require the end user to make fewer clicks to purchase than any other e-commerce solution. This streamlined approach to monetization is what we call Native Purchasing, allowing users to buy items directly within the context of their favorite online environments.