Monetize Media, Inc.

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Monetize Media, Inc.
Live Streaming Video Platform
Anaheim, California, United States United States
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Company description

Monetize Media provides a complete online video platform with high-quality live streaming video and on-demand video capabilities. Our browser-based platform provides software as a service for online video management, encoding delivery, syndication, and monetization. Our robust online video platform streamlines the content management process with full distribution control, ad integration, and detailed analytics in an easy to use interface. Monetize Media provides everything you need to publish, distribute, and most importantly- monetize your online video content. 

Business model

We provide a complete video management, publishing, syndication, and monetization solution.  We are a leading pioneer in the Internet TV industry providing innovative solutions for the delivery and consumption of media.

The Monetize Media Live Streaming Video Platform enables content owners and aggregators the ability to create, manage, and monetize their online video content directly to their viewer audience with interactive and community building features, while advertisers get the ability to reach out and connect with their target market.

Competitive advantage

While most providers are offering some monetization features, we believe our complete monetization & distribution solutions helps differentiate us from our competitors.  Our monetization modules include:

* Pay Per Vew
* Subscription
* Memberships
* Online Rentals
* Ad-Supported
* Controlled & Viral Syndication