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Mom Corps
Good for Corporations. Good for Working Moms.
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Company description

Mom Corps is a premier staffing solution. 


We supply companies top-tier, experienced professionals "on demand" to meet business needs and cycles, while enabling our candidates seeking flexibility to pursue their professional careers.  With Mom Corps, companies have immediate access to top talent.  This allows them to operate more productively - paying for professionals as needed and ensuring the appropriate level and expertise for each flexible permanent position, project, or time of year.  In turn, we provide professionals challenging work in their respective fields through contract, full time or part time flexible jobs that allow them to maintain work/life balance.

Business model
Our business model is based on providing niche staffing and recruiting services for companies seeking top-tier talent "on-demand" as their staffing needs flux, while providing professionals with access to flexible work arrangements at no charge to our candidates.
Competitive advantage

Mom Corps services a niche market.  By hiring one of our experienced, educated, current candidates for a contract, temp, part-time, or full-time flexible position, companies save time and money and have more flexibility than with traditional staffing options.


Working with Mom Corps, companies can adjust and evaluate their staffing needs on an ongoing basis while still receiving the benefit of a turn-key, high end professional.  We have staffed for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies nationwide, and our client list proves our value to their organizations.