MoJoe Brewing Co.

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MoJoe Brewing Co.
Brew your coffee anytime, anywhere.
Baltimore, Maryland, United States United States
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Saving Time & Money

Typical coffee drinkers either purchase a fresh cup of coffee or brew coffee at home every morning – but let’s face it, many people skip brewing at home because they feel they don’t have the time in the morning. mojoe™ eliminates the cost and inconvenience of stopping to buy coffee and saves time for those who want to enjoy their coffee on-the-go. 

mojoe™, the Personal Mobile Coffee Maker

mojoe™ is a mobile coffee maker that brews coffee and hot beverages (tea and hot chocolate), and when done brewing, converts into a travel mug so you can enjoy the hot beverage directly from the device. Add any temperature water, a mojoe™ coffee pod, and brew at the push of a button. Customers save money by not buying cups of coffee each day and save time by not waiting for their coffee in line or at home. mojoe™ gives coffee drinkers freedom to enjoy coffee anywhere.

America Drinks Coffee

About 83% (National Coffee Association Survey, 2013) of people in America drink coffee, the world’s biggest consumer of coffee. MoJoe Brewing Co.’s target market includes daily coffee drinkers above 18 years of age in the U.S.. Since about 63% (National Coffee Association Survey, 2013) of Americans drink coffee each day, there are approximately 242,470,819 customers in MoJoe’s accessible geographical target market (Source: U.S. Census Bureau). 

Our Customers

Early adopter and early majority customers include those who drink one or more cups coffee per day, are usually stopping for coffee, and/or have relatively long commutes to work. This group seeks an advantage with new technology and/or need to stay alert – members of this customer group may be students, young professionals, daily commuters, drivers (i.e. bus, truck), medical professionals, coffee enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts, and similar.

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