Location: 212 Marine Street #100, Santa Monica, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 10/2011, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Andy Moeck, Wendell Brown, Jaime Wilson
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MOEO is a mobile platform of socially interactive real-time games empowering friends to compete against each other when watching sports.
Santa Monica, California, United States United States

MOEO develops real-time mobile games that allow friends to compete against each other during sporting events. What sets us apart is that all of our games are made to be so simple that you can play them with one thumb after drinking three beers. This makes our games fun for sports enthusiasts and opens up our reach to a much larger casual audience.

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Company description

MOEO identifies, develops, and markets a variety of super simple and contagious interactive sports gaming applications for the tablet and mobile markets.

What sets us apart from our competitors is that all of our games are made to be so simple and contagious that you can play them with one thumb after drinking three beers. This makes our games even more fun for sports enthusiasts but opens up our reach to a much larger casual audience.  As opposed to fantasy sports, where you need to be technically savvy on the given sport in order to compete, our games are much simpler and allow someone who is just becoming acquainted with the sport to jump in on the fun and begin playing with their friends.

Our first game Hit-no-Hit allows Baseball fans to compete against their friends while following a live MLB Baseball game.  Games that we are already working on include PGA Tee Box Challenge, NASCAR Follow the Leader, NBA And One, NFL, MLS, and Cricket.

All of our games run on top of the same scalable proprietary platform that we built to enable streamlined gameplay to millions of users across Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.  This allows us to produce future titles with very little technical development needed! This also makes all of our games easily duplicable for other leagues and countries.

  • Andy Moeck
    Andy Moeck | Founder
    Founder Teleo (Sold to Microsoft). Founder ADISN (Sold to Crowdgather). Founder and CEO MOEO
  • Adam Ayers
    Adam Ayers | Team member
    Growth Hacker and Technologist
  • Justin Marshall
    Justin Marshall | Team member
Business model

We plan to build user traction initially by giving the game away for free and focusing on optimizing our viral loops. Our customer acquisition will come from a myriad of sources including the Apple App Store and Android Market, in-game advertising, viral loops (utilizing Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email), and partnerships with established sports content networks and leagues. 

We will monetize our games via in game ads, licensing rights to content networks, virtual currency, premium upgrades, gambling (in places where it is legal), and through what we call Stakes.  A sample Stake would be a $50 giftcard to Applebees for $25, of which the loser of the game will automatically be transacted for.  This is how Hit-no-Hit is played in real life, the loser buys beers or whatever the stake may be, which makes it fun, and keeps the game competitive and sticky.

Competitive advantage

In addition to our experienced team, our competitive advantage is that we focus on providing a wonderful and simply contagious user experience. We run all of our games through the "Three Beers, One Thumb" requirement which ensures that our games are so simple to setup and play that you can do so with only one thumb after drinking three beers.  We also keep our games technically simple, meaning you don't have to know everything there is to know about a given sport to pick up our game and begin competing with your friends. Additionally, our initial focus is 100% mobile (Apple iOS and Android) with Facebook Connect Login to keep things simple.  In the future we will expand to other mobile platforms and an HTML5 version of all of our games for webplay including Facebook.

Wendell Brown
Entrepreneurial inventor of internet, security, telecom, and virtual workforce technologies.