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MoDazzle is a division of its parent company, ClairMail. ClairMail has been established by an experienced team who recognized the power and potential of mobile phones to change the landscape of customer interactions. ClairMail’s breakthrough technology allows companies to offer convenient, secure and always-on 2-way mobile services to their customers by using any mobile phone's messaging functionality. After its phenomenal success in two-way mobile communication/information system for financial services industry at the enterprise level, MoDazzle is extending the technology platform & services directly targeting the consumer segment. MoDazzle is ClairMail's dedicated consumer service to help millions connect to their social or professional communities through their cell phones or blackberry devices. Currently the services are available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and VentureSource community users with several free services such as locating the nearest starbucks, directions between two addresses, web search, etc. All through SMS or mobile email!!